Jillian Morris Woven Textiles.


I’m a DESIGNER MAKER of hand-woven and mixed-media textiles. I also have an interest in hand-dyeing yarns and fibres, some of which I use in my own work, and some I sell at craft fairs.

I own a number of table looms, and tapestry frames: weaving on either is a very ‘hands on’ process, without the aid of foot pedals, so everything I make is a one – off piece of work. Where I make a series from one warp, pieces might be similar in some ways, but will never be exactly repeated.
Although I set out with a design in mind, and often do supporting work in sketchbooks, as well as sampling on the loom, the process does allow some room for ideas to further develop as I weave.

Handwoven shawl - detail.

Handwoven shawl – detail.

CREATIVE TEXTILE WORKSHOPS: In my studio I normally offer individual or small group tuition in Weaving and Dyeing.
I have also run workshops for larger groups of adults or children in other venues.