Creative Textile Workshops/Studio Days

Woven sample

Woven sample

Workshop update: I plan to start to run a few workshops again in the new year.  At Stitchfest and Make, I spoke to several people interested in learning to weave. This is a sample of the things I might offer, but as disussed please let me know what you would like to try to achieve..

Weaving and Dyeing workshops.

I offer workshops for small groups or on a one-to-one basis at home.

For some workshops I am able to come to another location.
If you are interested, please contact me: email is usually the easiest way to reach me.

Half day Workshops:

  • Silk spinning on a drop spindleMini coiled baskets.
  • Setting up a ‘knitters loom or a rigid heddle loom’ – a demonstration on my own equipment – or bring your own loom and yarns and I can help you set it up.

Cost is £35 for a half day. [9.30-1 or 1.30-5](If you are interested, please specify a preferred time – morning / afternoon / evening.)Depending on the workshop, there may be an additional charge for materials.

‘Studio Weaving Days’ – 1 or 2 days, for up to 4 people. [up to 3 on table looms, or 4 on tapestry looms]
The looms will be ready to go, and all materials provided. This is basically a session for beginners to try out weaving. Possible options-

  • Art / Inspirational /Creative Weaving - Maybe weaving with unusual  or recycled materials.
Art weaving

Art weaving

Creative weaving

Creative weaving


  • Weave a small item, [ie a small bag/purse/glasses case].

    woven purse

    woven purse

    Other 1 day workshops:   Price is for Individual tuition – prices  for most workshops are slightly cheaper the more people come.

  • Warping a table loom. Bring your table loom, and yarns, and I can help you set it up.
  • Dyeing yarns</> I can work with synthetic or natural dyes.
    One suggestion is working with yarns, fibres and fabrics you can make your own co-ordinated ‘inspiration pack’£60 for a full day. If 2 come together for a 1 day workshop it will be £55 each.

  • A 2 day workshop would normally cost £85 per person.I also run a 2 day workshop to weave a scarf. Once again, the loom will be ready warped using a hand-dyed pure wool warp in a colour-way of your choice.
    To get a pleasing result, this option uses luxury yarns, including my own hand dyed in both warp and weft so there is an additional materials charge. The basic fee for this workshop is £90 which includes the warp yarn, and a further charge, worked out at the start of the course depending on weft yarns chosen.
    However, you could opt to provide your own weft yarns which would keep the cost to £90.A different option for this would be that you bring your own table loom, or rigid heddle loom, and own materials, and we design the scarf, and warp up together, and you finish weaving at home. Cost would be £85

    In progress

    Student scarf in progress


    Fresh off the loom....!

    Fresh off the loom….!


  • Tapestry weaving course for beginners - [small group.]
    Little tapestry woven landscape

    Little tapestry woven landscape

    Bring your own frame, or I can supply one for £8. Run as a course [max 6 to a course] - length of your choosing – ie 4 half day sessions, spaced to allow you time to work at home. Initial half day £40, with warp and some weft yarns provided, thereafter £25 per half day session.

  • Dates to suit.


  • Sometimes I run weaving workshops for groups in their own venue. These will be tailored to the interests of the group, how many participants and the time available.
  • Please email for details –